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Friday afternoon, we decided to take a mini-road trip to St. Louis. After a rather lengthy stop at Trader Joe’s (a store we sorely miss) and some serious Clif Bar stocking (I am at this current moment in a Clif Bar induced haze), we drove to the big, empty house in the St. Louis suburbs we scored via Airbnb. After resting up, we were raring to go on Saturday morning. We ended up staying about three hours at the Missouri Botanical Garden. Honestly, one could probably visit the garden several days in a row and still not be bored. So much to see, so much to do! The trip was a wonderful experience and a nice memory to have before we embark on our seven-week vacation. Here are my favorite pictures:


Pictured above is my distorted, gooey grilled cheese dinner. Homemade bread=10x better.

My ultimate dream in life is to sew.

Not really. But. It is one of my goals. Sewing just seems so dang usefull. I’m already dreaming about my projects… pockets, totes, dresses, aprons. Sewing bliss. Sewing is definetely going on my official Summer Goals list. Maybe even the top, the highest honor. Sadly, only about 1/4 of my goals are completed. I lose drive about halfway through the summer. This year will be different!

I. Will. Conquer. Sewing.

No outfit post today or yesterday. But. Today was the first day of picking up food at my community farm. Lots of greens (kale, lettuce, onions, pak choi).

In the background, a few people picking herbs and scouring the ground for ripe strawberries. Most were gone by the time we arrived.

Speaking of strawberries, does anyone know what exactly a strawberry festival is? Strawberry pie?

First of all, the hint. Of what I’m wearing on the last day of school this year (the 23rd, perhaps?). Be glad I’m not wearing one of those shiny, horrid prom-esque dresses! Here it is:

Earlier I said I was going on a 10K hike? Didn’t happen. Somehow, when we got to the place we thought we were supposed to start, there were a bunch of black leather-clad people on motorcycles who stared at us suspiciously. We were the only car in the lot. Instead we just took a walk in the area and drank some hot chocolate at an Italian store/cafĂ©. It was a bit rainy and chilly. Thank God Dad’s the type of person who always carries an umbrella. Here are more photos:

Doesn’t the iris petal look beautiful?

And, lastly, here’s a pretty little song I stumbled across.

Apparantly I’m going on 10K non-competitive walk today. The joy. I suppose I’ll have to break out my handy-dandy, super-sporty pumas. It’s a wee bit chilly. I can do this! I am just slightly intimidated. Don’t laugh!