Horsewoman: Swedish Hasbeens
Horsewoman: Swedish Hasbeens by themacadamia featuring a ruffle dress
I kind of dropped off the face of the earth for a while, sorry about that. And now I’m back and school is about to start, so you know, who knows? I’m spending my remaining days of freedom on Polyvore, creating sets and drinking coffee. Hence the creation of the above masterpiece. I also went to the county fair thing, really quite amusing. And hot. Cute animals though, and none were brutally slaughtered for the crowd’s amusement, as I imagined. Which is good, ’cause being a vegetarian, I would have been forced to step in, much to my embarrassment. And the girls parading around in daisy dukes and cowboy boots can’t be left out either. Hey that rhymes! A tune with the name of Jessica Simpson.
LatteTop & Jewelry, Anthropologie//Jeans, Pepe//Shoes, Lanvin

Well. I was walking Boris today, and we passed this really big, friendly, Clifford-like dog. Cringing already. So I bend down and scratch his belly and he pees on my hand! Contaminated hands! I dragged poor Boris home and scrubbed my hands for five minutes. And then the sink for an additional ten. Definitely the highlight of my day!

Moving on to a slightly cleaner and much prettier subject. I stumbled upon Saddleback Leather Co.  I love the rugged yet useable/durable style they exude. Me being me, I’m already dreaming of them. I especially love the Backpack in Chestnut. Beautiful, no?

The above arena is one of the largest and best preserved arenas in the world.

(Pictures of Aphrodisias, Turkey)

Muğla (Turkey) wanderings.